City Wide Property Services Gold Sponsor Spotlight

August 28, 2023

City Wide has developed a strong industry reputation for providing professional oversight and management of our vast menu of services. We recognize that we are an extension of our clientele, and our professional team of account managers and technicians are always at the ready to provide you with first-class service from start to finish.

As the leader in professional maintenance services, we, at City Wide, are committed to a successful partnership with each of our clients. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of work and precise communication but also on the trust each of our clients have in our organization. The City Wide foundation is built on Trust, Honesty, Communication, Fairness, and Quality. Through these qualities and philosophies, we continue to raise the bar in the maintenance industry while producing the results you come to expect.

Customer service is taken to the next level at City Wide. We become the link between our customers and the common goal of quality service. As an additional set of eyes and ears on your property, project, or program, we stand next to our clients clearly understanding the vision, goal, and results of each request. We take service a step further by taking a proactive approach on items before they become issues. When obstacles arise, we feel we must communicate this information along with a solution to our clients. This is part of our daily operations here at City Wide, and key to our Service Delivery.