Package Unit Pros Gold Sponsor Spotlight 

February 21, 2023
Written by: CREW East Bay

Package Unit Pros Gold Sponsor Spotlight 



Gold Sponsor, Joe Williams, President of Package Unit Pros. Joe has been a member of CREW East Bay for 4 years and a sponsor for the last 3 years. He is the VP of the Membership Committee and has served on the Task Force for Diversity. He is an active member and you can find him at many of our events.

Package Unit Pros is an HVAC service company that focuses on the service, construction and maintenance of commercial facilities with HVAC package units. It was founded by Joe and Dan Munier that collectively have over 50 years in the commercial HVAC space. Joe and Dan could see that most HVAC companies struggled to provide excellence in service because there were too many product categories to be great in all of them. So Package Unit Pros was born on the premise of a focused HVAC company that can not only provide a higher level of service but able to save clients’ money in the process.

Joe has over 25 years’ experience in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, construction and HVAC service and design. He has worked on hundreds of projects worth over 50 million in overall project scope. A couple of his recent projects include a design build project for Mid-Peninsula Animal Hospital.  The project presented challenges because the buildings were built in the 1950’s and additional weight could not be added to the structure.  Joe was able to present a design to the architect and mechanical engineer that would allow for the additional units required without structural upgrades to the building saving the client tens of thousands dollars in structural upgrades. 

Another recent project was for the Villages Country Club. The job required replacement of all the rooftop equipment at the restaurant club house including make-up air units, exhaust fans and 12 HVAC units. Originally bid for two to three weeks Joe’s team designed a schedule that worked in three phases of 2-days each and completed the entire project with zero downtime or interruption to their business.

Joe’s greatest accomplishment is the positive feedback from his team and clients that say “Package Unit Pros is a wonderful company”.

Joe joined CREW East Bay because he had heard that it is a great organization that does a lot for women in commercial real estate. He wanted to be able to give back to CREW and chose to be a Sponsor. “Everyone made me feel welcome and included” Joe advised “and Package Unit Pros is an East Bay company – it just really made sense”.

Joe has received referrals from his fellow members and recently reached out to Cheryl Hayes with Bank of the West, Board Member, when his bank failed to process his PPP application. He was able to bring back his employees full time. He is also giving back to his clients by discounting hourly rates for the next 8 weeks.

Joe enjoys working with CREW East Bay members who are some of the brightest women in commercial real estate and finds that they are very knowledgeable and are a great resource for Package Unit Pros. You can contact Joe directly or 510-299-5959.