June 2, 2022

Nominations accepted June 2 - June 22, 2022


Nomination Form

CREW East Bay is managed by a Board of Directors that works together to set and accomplish the chapter's strategic goals-helping to advance the success of women in commercial real estate.  Please help us identify a pool of strong candidates by making one or more nominations. Self-nomination is strongly encouraged!

What are the benefits of serving on the CREW East Bay Board?
•    Opportunity to influence the direction of CREW East Bay and have an impact on the future of women in commercial real estate (CRE).
•    Increased visibility within the CRE industry, locally and nationally.
•    Expanded professional connections that benefit you and your clients.
•    Small-group opportunities to build relationships and develop business.
•    Opportunity to develop leadership skills and experience that benefit the chapter, your company, and you, including: speaking and presentation skills, consensus building, and strategic planning.
•    Exposure to CREW Network Board and Foundation.

Who is eligible to serve the Board?
Any active member of CREW East Bay may be nominated and serve on the Board.

What are the specific Board positions?
•    President.  Leads the Board and chapter with strategic vision and clear direction; attends Network conferences; communicates verbally and in writing with the entire membership. 
•    President-Elect.  Elected one year prior to serving as President of the Board; works closely with the President in the transition of leadership; serves as the chapter's second Delegate and attends all Network conferences.
•    Immediate Past-President.  After serving as President, this person chairs the chapter's Nominating Committee, and otherwise serves in an advisory role, actively participating in meetings and taking on additional projects.
•    Secretary.  Responsible for keeping minutes and a record of Board meetings; helps develop agenda, collects monthly Committee reports, and prepares Board meeting packets prior to all meetings; works closely with President to help keep Board focused and organized.
•    Treasurer.  Works with Network's accounting staff; with President, prepares the annual budget; reports to Board regarding the chapter's financial matters.  Must have an understanding of numbers and financial statements.
•    Delegate. Attends three multi-day, national Network gatherings each year; participates in hosted conference calls; is responsible for relaying Network information to the Board and chapter. The Network gatherings include the winter and spring 2-day leadership summits and Convention (typically held late September or October, Tues-Friday).  All Network events are held at major US cities. Delegates' expenses are paid by the chapter.
•    Director of Programs, Membership, Marketing, Sponsorship and DEI. Each Director attends meetings of its respective committee, carrying the Board's vision and assuring understanding of Board policies; participates actively in meetings and additional projects.
•    Director at Large. Will be called upon to work on special projects and to join and/or spearhead subcommittees. This position is ideal for a newer CREW East Bay member.

What is the commitment for Board members?
Generally, Board members commit to serve a two-year term, with the exception of a) the President-Elect who commits to a three-year term (i.e. President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President), and b) Delegate, Director at Large and Director of DEI which are each one year positions. All Board members attend: 
•    monthly Board meetings
•    an annual half-day planning retreat (typically held on a Thursday or Friday afternoon in June)
•    a strategic planning retreat (typically held within a 1-2 hour drive of Oakland/Walnut Creek in November).

In addition to attending meetings, Board members typically should devote between 1-3 hours per week, including work on projects, events and strategic planning, phone calls, contact with potential speakers, prospective new members, members, sponsors, and intra-Board communications, including preparation of a new Board report and review of the monthly Board package, meeting minutes and financial information.

All Board members:
•    Devote time to learn about CREW's organizational structure and its relationship to CREW Network (including becoming familiar with the chapter website and the Network Playbooks).
•    Prepare for, attend, and actively participate in Board meetings (including retreats).
•    Commit to additional projects and follow through in a timely manner.
•    Act in a manner that is best for CREW as a whole, not for the interest of any individual(s) or her interests.
•    Actively support CREW's fundraising efforts and Network Foundation through an annual donation (suggested donation is $100, or an amount that is personally meaningful).
•    Support chapter sponsorship efforts, whether by becoming a sponsor, helping identify new sponsors, and/or soliciting and reaching out to existing or potential sponsors.
•    Support CREW East Bay's efforts to attract members who will be an asset to the organization.
•    Represent CREW East Bay at local, regional and national events as a visible demonstration of their commitment to the organization.
•    Board members are expected and strongly encouraged to participate and attend the monthly luncheons and other chapter events, as leadership representatives of the chapter.

What qualifications do successful Board members have?
•    Demonstrated leadership abilities. 
•    Understanding and support of CREW East Bay's mission, goals and objectives.
•    Possession of, or a willingness to acquire, CREW East Bay institutional knowledge (such as an understanding of the bylaws, policies and procedures, and chapter relationship with Network).
•    An ability to work well with others to achieve consensus and reach common goals.
•    Ability to learn from each other and others' perspectives.
•    A desire to see CREW East Bay be a successful and vibrant organization serving the needs of its members.

What qualifications are required for specific Board positions?
•    Candidates for President-Elect will have actively participated in one or more of the CREW East Bay committees.  It is a best practice (not a policy) for such candidates to have previously served on the Board as a Network Delegate and a Director.
•    Candidates for Network Delegate must have the time and ability to travel to Network events.  Delegate expenses are paid by the chapter.
•    Candidates for the Director positions generally have experience with CREW East Bay's committees and are able to serve as a liaison and advisor to their respective committee.

What do I do if I am interested or would like to nominate someone for the Board?
The nomination period is open from June 2-June 22, 2022.  We encourage all candidates who are interested in exploring the possibility of Board service to contact a member of the Governance Committee (see contact list below).  To nominate either yourself or another member, please complete the simple Nomination Form below.

What happens after I am nominated?
Application deadline is July 8th. Interviews will be scheduled for July 14 & 15th. If interview dates present an issue the Governance Committee will make every effort to schedule a time that works for all parties.

Selection of the Board Slate:
Nomination for a Board position is an honor and not everyone who is nominated can be selected. The Governance Committee recommends a slate of candidates and a large pool of candidates gives the Governance Committee the most flexibility to determine the best fit for the Chapter's needs. No one is guaranteed a specific role on the Board and any nominee may be asked to fill a position which was not an identified choice. While no one is guaranteed a specific role on the Board, the Governance Committee will consider each nominee's preferences.

What should I do right now?
We strongly encourage you to nominate yourself or others in our organization. Please feel free to contact any current Board member to learn more about serving on the Board.  You may also reach out to any member of the current Governance Committee:
Contact the 2022 Governance Committee
Marilyn Hansen –
Elizabeth Griggs-
Celine Simon –
Malinder K. Bhan –
Kelly Leanos -
Marisa D’Onofrio –
Seth Wilson –

Please help us strengthen our chapter by identifying a strong pool of nominees (including you). Thank you for your interest!