CREW East Bay 2022 Governance Committee

March 1, 2022

CREW East Bay 2022 Governance Committee

Now accepting nominations from Chapter members who would like to serve on the 2022 Governance Committee! Our policy calls for four CREW East Bay members in good standing to join the chapter's Nominating Committee (President, President-Elect and Immediate Past-President) on the Governance Committee which will develop the 2023 Board of Directors application package and select the slate for recommendation to the Nominating Committee for approval and, if approved, to the General Membership.

If you are interested in helping guide CREW East Bay’s growth and future leadership by serving on this Committee, please nominate either yourself or another member by emailing 1) the name of the proposed committee member, 2) the representative category such member represents (see below), and 3) three sentences why the nominee is a good candidate for the stated representation category to: Marilyn Hansen ( and Malinder K. Bhan ( on or before March 25, 2022.

Representative Categories of Governance Committee Candidates (Qualifications):

The four (4) additional members shall ideally be representative of each of the following categories:
1) a senior professional with at least five (5) consecutive years of experience as a CREW East Bay Member with past experience as a board member or Committee Chair.
2) a junior Member (less than five (5) years with CREW East Bay).
3) a Member with a stated goal of representing diversity, including possibly an individual representing the chapter's diversity committee.
4) one other chapter member at-large.

In addition, the four members:

•    May not currently hold positions on the Board and will be ineligible to stand for election as an Officer or Director on the Board in this calendar year.
•    Must be members of CREW East Bay in good standing for a minimum of one (1) year.
•    May be General or Affiliate members with preference for General members.
•    Preference will be given to candidates who have actively participated in one or more of the CREW East Bay Committees.

Selection of the Governance Committee will be made by the CREW East Bay Board of Directors at its Board meeting on March 25, 2022. Please help us strengthen our chapter by identifying a strong pool of nominees (including you) for this important committee. Thank you for your interest--we look forward to hearing from you!

CREW East Bay's Nominating Committee
Marilyn Hansen, Committee Chair and Immediate Past-President
Kelly Leanos, Committee Member and President
Malinder K. Bhan, Committee Member and President-Elect