President’s Message 2021 – Marilyn Hansen

January 6, 2021
Written by: CREW East Bay

President’s Message 2021 – Marilyn Hansen

As we ring in the new year, I am truly honored to serve as your 2021 CREW East Bay President.  I want to thank our members and sponsors and let you know we value and appreciate your membership, support and contributions to the organization and that we hear your voices and concerns.  You inspire me every day and I am committed to serving each one of you this year.

One thing that became abundantly clear to me in 2020 was the incredible power of connection.  Human connection is an energy exchange between people who are paying attention to one another.  It has the power to deepen the moment, inspire change and build trust.  The human connection will continue to be an important part of CREW East Bay’s mission, “Advancing Women in Commercial Real Estate”.  To start out the year we are launching a “CREW East Bay Connections” campaign to foster a powerful, diverse and collaborative network that helps each of us grow professionally and prosper.

In order to advance all women in commercial real estate as well continuing to focus on the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, CREW Network issued a DEI Playbook and launched a number of DEI training resources that our chapter will be utilizing as we progress on our DEI journey. Each of us plays a part directly or indirectly in shaping what it means for our chapter to promote DEI. While our Board of Directors is more racially diverse than ever before, we need to strive to do better. For those of you interested in promoting DEI issues, we ask that you join our newly formed Diversity Committee and join several DEI workshops and events that have been planned for months and will be announced shortly. Through these 2021 DEI initiatives, we hope to lay the foundation for future DEI efforts and foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive community where diverse opinions are heard, respected and valued in order to serve the overarching mission of CREW Network to promote all women globally.

I want to take this opportunity to remind our members the CREW Network Winter Leadership Summit is fast approaching and will be held virtually on February 11-12, 2021.  This is an amazing learning opportunity for all members who want to increase their abilities as leaders to advance their careers through leadership growth and development.  This is a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with other chapter leaders and members sharing ideas on ways to further develop and grow our chapter. In addition, we will have the opportunity to learn critical leadership skills from leading experts that give you a business advantage.  You can register on the CREW East Bay Website.  

There is no doubt that we are living and working in a moment unlike any other and connections and business referrals that have been made by CREW East Bay members are the cornerstone of our organization.  We are proud of the accomplishments we have achieved, and we are well-equipped to face the challenges of today and even better positioned to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.    

I would like to encourage all of the members of CREW East Bay to join committees, attend the events and stay connected.  We are here to listen and help when needed.

I wish everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous 2021.  


Marilyn Hansen
2021 Crew East Bay President