At CREW East Bay, we’re proud to celebrate the standout achievements and leadership exhibited by our members.

Most Valuable Member Award

Each year, the Most Valuable Member Award is given to the member who has had the most impact on, or made the most significant contribution to, CREW East Bay through her individual or collaborative contribution, leadership, motivation, creativity, and/or consistency. A Selection Committee solicits nominations from the membership and selects the award winner.

Past MVM Award Winners:
2021 — Kristen Thall Peters
2020 — Malinder Bhan
2019 — Kim Scala
2018 — Cheryl Hayes
2017 — Dan Sanders
2016 — Stephanie Reilly
2015 — Terry Allen
2014 — Pam Raumer
2013 — Teresa Moss Fluegel
2012 — Beth Swift
2011 — Tillie Ross
2010 — Sandra Weck

Chapter Connector Award

2021 — Valerie Taylor
2019 — Teresa Fluegel

President’s Award

The President’s Award is an honor bestowed at the discretion of the President, given to a member who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment, made exceptional contribution, or been outstanding in her service to the chapter.

Past President’s Award Winners:
2021 — Kelly Leanos 
2020 — Cheryl Hayes & Kim Scala
2019 — Pamela Raumer
2018 — Lauren Jennings
2017 — Dana Tsubota & Sandra Weck
2016 — Holly Neber
2015 — Kim Scala

Elevate Award

CREW East Bay partners each year with CREW SF, CREW SV, and The Registry to produce ELEVATE, an iconic Bay Area-wide celebration of women in the commercial real estate industry. The event honors exemplary women and men, employers, and stand-out CREW members who are making a positive impact in today’s real estate industry. Nominations are solicited by The Registry and an Awards Committee selects the award winners.

Industry Impact Award

The Industry Impact Award honors a dynamic woman who has made a positive impact within the commercial real estate industry through her entrepreneurial spirit, deal-making, commitment to diversity, or other unique and remarkable achievements.

Past Industry Impact Award Winners:

2019 Award Winner — Holly Neber
2019 Finalist — Nancy Morse
2018 Award Winner — Dana Tsubota
2017 Award Winner — Barbara Morrison
2017 Honorable Mention — Sandra Weck
2016 Award Winner — Kristina Lawson
2016 Honorable Mention — Kim Scala

Rising Rock Star Award

The Rising Rock Star Award is given to an exceptional young woman, thirty-five years and younger, who is influential, dynamic and shows early promise as an industry leader.

Past Rising Rock Star Award Winners:

2018 Honorable Mention - Carla Pecoraro
2016 Honorable Mention - Lauren Jennings